Where to Meet DTT

Step1: Add DTT in your Wallet

DTT Contract Address (Ethereum): 0x592EEc79662C9237814a1Ca010A358f1Adad1Ff6

Step2: Check the Token you received is DTT

Checking Methods:

1. By checking the Token is shown on your wallet which is import the DTT as Step1

2. Search the contract address of DTT: 0x592EEc79662C9237814a1Ca010A358f1Adad1Ff6 on Etherscan, to check there is shown your transactions history with your correct wallet address and correct amount of your transfer.

Trade on Crytpo Exchange- Uniswap:

Trading pair: https://app.uniswap.org/#/tokens/ethereum/0x592eec79662c9237814a1ca010a358f1adad1ff6

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