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Deposit and withdrawal-DTT

Step 1: Connect your wallet in-game (Web Version:

sign in with your same google account as you play in iOS or Android

Step 2:Connect your wallet in-game (ERC20 wallet address)

click the wallet icon which is on the top right corner

Step 3: Deposit DTT in-game to exchange to Amber (ERC20 wallet address)

Transfer DTT Token from the wallet address you connected to Desertopia2: Cryptoia official deposti address: 0x910B164e6d33F44155f87c4fCEbd6A673aFa344d (ERC20), and you will get amber in your in-game account.

Step 4: Withdrawal Amber in-game to exchange to DTT (ERC20 wallet address)

After you click the exchange button, your withdrawal will be applied in you have enough Amber in your account. (Withdrawl will be executed every Friday from 12:00-13:00 (UTC+8) ) Daily Limit: 400 DTT Weekly Limit: 2,000 DTT Monthly Limit: 5,000 DTT