Islands, Plants & Animals


Islands are habitats for animals, and each type of island has several different appearances, which also represent different resource productivity efficiencies. Islands can be purchased through amber. When players build a new island, they can place animals on the island and unlock new islands in sequence.
*Garbage may randomly appear on the island, blocking the player's resource production, and when the player successfully clears the garbage, he can get a little reward.

Plants and decorations:

Plants and decorations will be determined when building the island. Players can influence the resource production efficiency of animals on the island by matching different plants and decorations.


Animals will be drawn using amber, and each drawn animal has its own attribute value, and resources can be produced when animals are placed on the island. There is a limit to the amount of amber that each animal can produce, and it is necessary to use the addition of plants and decorations to maximize the production capacity of animals.